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New poets joining Poem Pigeon
if you are going to write about love don't mention breasts, by hen little
words, work, fun
Church Bells and Chuckaloos, by Norma Willoughby
Nostalgia, Yorkshire dialect
EDITH, by Wendy Higson
love, Day, pain
Cold Comfort, by Tia Pentzin
Minding Shouldy Lines, by Sarah Denim
love, time, heart, dark, sad
Latest poems to be added to Poem Pigeon
A Boy I Knew, by Cassie Piccolo
insomnia, boy, depression
Nasty Pasty, by Anthony Woods
words, rain
A Clever Bully, by Wendy Higson
life, Day, lost, friendship
When Is a Person 'In The Prime Of Their Lives, by Chris Wild
life, time, age
Haley, by Cassie Piccolo
comet, misunderstood
Top rated poems on Poem Pigeon
Summer Daze, by Kuli Kohli
Mining Town Winter, by Aileen Shirra
winter, mining, loss, death, frost, light, warmth, childhood
Fortitude in Fortune, by Khadeejah Awal
Writing By Numbers, by Steve Green
Distant Replay, by Steve Green
love, life, time, heart, dark, thoughts