Getting Old

Getting old? Sounds like Hell!
Losing your senses and starting to smell.
Most of your bodily orifices, leaking.
Consequently, you end up reeking.
Depressed, distressed, and most unhappy.
Like a baby, wearing a nappy.
I'm not being being unkind, its a fact.
(But maybe I could have used more tact!)
Daily life becomes ever more trying,
While most of your friends around you are dying.
Forever living in the past,
At the same time thinking, "How long will I last?"
Losing your teeth, mobility and hair.
And if you're unlucky,
Just stuck in a chair.
Wearing dentures?
Senile dementia?
The last days of your life.
The end of an adventure.
Who wants to end up in a 'care'
The very thought of it makes me groan!
I've visited dozens over the years,
So ending up in one's
One of my greatest fears.
A lot of the 'Care' Staff couldn't 'care' less!
Some leave their clients in a terrible mess!
Plus, the cost of 'care' is astronomical,
No matter how hard you try
To be economical!
And, getting down to the 'nitty-gritty',
Its a loss of dignity.
And that's a pity!
No! That's not for me!
I'm affirmative!
But then again,
What's the alternative?!

Written by Chris Wild on 06/04/13
© 2016 Chris Wild

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