A sonnet, simple and open as that.

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Winning Poem

The winning entry was Tangible Would That You Were by Frances Faith

Entries - competition is now closed

31/07/14 Korey and Max, by Aileen Shirra -
29/07/14 A Sonnet, by Jennifer Melbourne -
29/07/14 Ascension, by Laurie Atkinson -
27/07/14 A concoction of emotions, by Rebecca Cresswell -
23/07/14 Jealousy, by Ellen Richardson Highly commended
22/07/14 Gojira Rises, by Mark Postgate -
21/07/14 Tangible Would That You Were, by Frances Faith Winner
21/07/14 Runaway, by Peeyush Pandey -
20/07/14 Wild rose and poet, by shalett joseph Highly commended
20/07/14 Finishing Line, by Humaira Awal -
20/07/14 It All Happened Too Fast, by Godfrey Angua-mante -
17/07/14 For Bali, by Frank Joussen -
17/07/14 Not us... not yet..., by Gregory Shorter Highly commended
16/07/14 Faith, by Daisy Earle -
16/07/14 Okay, by Jill Swailes -
16/07/14 Writing By Numbers, by Steve Green -
15/07/14 Rocky Road of Life, by Judy Clegg -
15/07/14 How the sonnet lost her words!, by anurag chaudhary -
14/07/14 A Sonnet to Bread and Butter Pudding, by Dean Bottomley -
14/07/14 Per Amore, by Christine Holden -
14/07/14 Strive, by Ndabenhle Mthembu -
13/07/14 A sweet sonnet, by Darren Jacobs -
13/07/14 A Sin Not To Be A Sonnet..., by The Bogfather -
13/07/14 Fruit Cocktail, by Kuli Kohli -
13/07/14 Laurent, by Sanjana Raj -
13/07/14 In Orange Cream, by Sydney J. Reemridge -
12/07/14 September, by Darline Patman -
12/07/14 Sonnet for the Common Man (or Woman), by Barbara Stevenson -
12/07/14 Men at arms, by Aidan Baker -
11/07/14 Sonnet of a kind, by sailen sadhu -
11/07/14 Take All The Light You Need, by Sharyn Stone Highly commended
11/07/14 Mortality, by Barry Carter Highly commended
11/07/14 Hello, Hello, by Ed Codish -
11/07/14 Ode to 'Playing Shakespeare', by James Le Lacheur -
11/07/14 Every man has his woman, every woman her man, by Mahesh Patel -