Beautiful Exhaustion

A thoroughness

An intricate completeness

Like that applied to one's last piece of art

Nothing held back

As if it was to be emptied so it could be filled

An explosion

All dreams lived like it came in smithereens

All maybes demystified

All definites identified

Like a transfusion; leaving nothing back

Life turned upside down into a legacy

Leaving an after taste

Like old clothes

Igniting thousands of memories

A play with no lines forgotten

No scene left out

Like a dance leaving all joints white

Blank minds with teary eyes of satisfactory exhaustion

Like poetry with each word meeting each soul as a key fitting into its hole

Like a bullet out of a gun

Life more than lived

Life accomplished

Written by Akor Akpenyi on 26/05/15

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Life, MaxedOut, Yearning, Dance, Soul, Legacy, Living, Fulfilling, Painting

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