Kneeling on the Edge of Midnight

The vision is quite clear with the moon so bright,
Its beauty everlasting, its power filled with light.
I watch over those that sleep through the night,
As I kneel on the edge of midnight.

The lands are vast, but I have the gift,
I see through the moons glimmering rift.
I am the savior of the night, a shimmering light
I am a winged fairy, and evil I shall fight.

Kneeling on the edge of Midnight, waiting.
Kneeling on the edge of Midnight, debating.
I protect those that dream in the night,
I catch those that fall from the light.

I have always been, and I will always be,
And all that I do, you will never see.
Just know that I am there to make things right
Kneeling on the edge of your midnight.

REB (FEB2012) based on picture by Nina Lipkin

Written by Rik Bertrand on 26/04/13

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fairy, midnight, saviour, soul, fight, night, light, love

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