Just a few more steps

I can see a place.
Just a few more steps,
And I’m in a painting you once told me of.

I can see the lake.
Its waters glittering on the leaves,
the late summer afternoon sun,
illuminating the fine droplets of fountain.
Just a few more steps and a little boy didn’t wash up dead on a shore.

I can see the swans.
Grace personified, they dip their necks in.
Curious and playful, puppies frolic around.
Just a few more steps and you don’t worry about terror attacks each time you step on the train.

I can see the grass.
Emerald green, it waves gently in the wind.
Children cycle past, patient for the slow, old lady and her smile.
Just a few more steps and they’ll stop shouting slurs at me because I’m brown.

I can see her now.
Gliding as if she knows of peace of mind and soul.
The sun infiltrates through her long brown strands and for a moment she glows.
Just a few more steps and I can see her tears as she raises her head.

Written by Zayani Bhatt on 08/10/15
© 2015 Zayani Bhatt

Author's Comments

I took a casual stroll through my neighbourhood one day just to get out of my house and I was just passing through my favourite park when I saw the most captivating, spellbinding and beautiful view. It honestly looked like a painting. It inspired me so much that I had to sit on a bench right then and there and capture this poem that formed in my mind almost instantly. I took a picture of the scene but unfortunately I can\'t seem to share it here. P.S. Happy National Poetry Day! :)

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