One of Ours

I heard it coming,
knew what it was,
even so I ducked down
down beneath the sudden shadow,
down beneath roaring air,
down, down to the trembling earth.

And above the noise, more frightening still,
were the screams from my neighbour’s children.

The world holding its breath ...

Until a boy’s triumphant laugh rang out,
See that? Did you see? I saw the pilot!
And then they were swooping round their garden,
arms outstretched,
making machine-gun noises,
ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah,
Got you! Missed! No, I didn’t, you’re dead!

I looked up at the empty sky
and wondered about the children
who would not resume their play.

Written by Linda Daunter on 19/11/15
© 2015 Linda Daunter

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war, conflict, children, aircraft

John Sullivan 24/08/16
Jon Von Erb This poem has a wonderful mixture of dread and fun. I had to read it more than once to get the full effect. There is a deep rooted message here that we all need to discover, learn from and watch out for; especially in the shape our world and our country is experiencing right now. Thank you, Jon 16/12/15


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