Judge Me

If you want to judge me, judge me for my mind
Judge me for the things I choose to put in it...and the things I don't.
Judge me for my fascination with the human genome
Judge me for not knowing the fibonacci sequence or the current fiscal policy

But please...please don't judge me for my looks

Judge me for my brain
For my hell bent determination to be a woman AND have it all
To fight for woman's rights till equality is but the norm
Judge me for my love of puzzles yet inability to follow the tube map

But please...please don't judge me for my looks
For how bushy my hair is
For how I don't really know how to wear makeup and the fact that I never really do

Judge me for my intellect
For how I love nerd jokes and crosswords
Judge me for loving to debate and converse about religion
Judge me for my thirst for art history

But please...please don't judge me for my looks
For my short stature despite my age
For my bowler hat or my low cut dress

Judge me for the spaces in my head
Where my imagination runs wild and true
Because you see my friend, it's not my body shape that will be there for you in your darkest moments
Or my fluttering eyelashes that will make you laugh till you cry
It will be the mind I wear prouder than my ass, hips and thighs.

Written by Zayani Bhatt on 01/12/15
© 2015 Zayani Bhatt

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