I wish people would be pure like snow
And would be melted with warmness
And would become a moment creator like water
And would go against any block like overflow

Written by Golden aَutumn on 27/11/16

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Professor Pezhman Mosleh is an international, singer, poet and the teacher of cinema philosophy and aesthetic and a scholar in music history who has humanity and philosophical concerns and he was appreciated by Nelson Mandela Foundation. He is a pioneer in Iranian neo romanticism style. And according to SABC News he is inspired by Beethoven and Chopin in composing music. His pieces were also played on many radios all over the world including Radio Caprice(Russia), AmesterdamFM and WRS radio Selwerd(Netherland) Wandsworthradio(UK), Canalsideradio(UK), Amazing radio(UK) and peace sound radio(USA) etc..

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Adriana Emro 27/10/19
Anne Mare 08/04/18
Kristen Davis 08/01/18
Alexis Student 03/10/17
Christopher Russon 03/10/17
Sidny Rd So philosophical and beautiful.......
Thanks for great poem & view.....
Tena Aden Snow is great poem!
Snow is white and pure!
I hope all of us will become like this poem!
Snow is full of hope!


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