Black Woman

Whose mind do you have in your mind?
Danger is real, fear is a choice of heart.
On a black widow day, goodness died
Hands above head, in the combat of war.
Look after your breast, black woman!
Do not pump it bigger like the white woman does!

Tender your little buttock as nature adores
Do not add pad to become mightier to eyes.
Nature was not insane when it made it,
Those are your endowment, my black woman.
Hold onto your culture and hopeful tradition,
Romancing the thoughts of your mind.

Black woman! Do not wear skimpy skirts,
Those skirts on the laps exposing your woman.
Look after your body, spirit and soul,
Do not cut your tongue, eyebrows, lips
In the name of wearing rings to look prettier,
Those are signs of modern slavery of morality.

Run not into the arms of deadly men for love!
Sell not your body for money that last not,
Those are the culture of the craving devil
Lay not with woman to woman on a sinful bed
Allow not man to man in your sprouting clan.

Speak for yourself in the midst of danger
Stand to defend what you stand for here
Danger is real, fear is a choice of the heart
Let love live in you like water in an ocean
The earth is faithful to your unmeasured love
take care, black woman! You are the future.

John Vincent Artistry
For: Film Republic Pictures

Written by john chizoba vincent on 01/11/17
© John chizoba Vincent

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