What If saying Yes Is Yes?

What if saying yes is yes?
Would the world stop crawling by it endless lies that spins and make things unstable like the politicians of now?

What if saying yes is yes?
Would there be an end to the earth where the breeze also lie to the inhabitants of the storm that never existed?

What if saying yes is yes?
Would your guiltless family conversation keep it's pace?
Or would you find it hard to say the table grace?
Would the sky makes the sun come down against us?

If we had to be initiated into timelessness, yes shall turn black at the change of events by a man's transition from timelessness into time.
The cost of saying yes at some occurances is costful.

Yours Poetically
John Chizoba Vincent.

Written by john chizoba vincent on 21/11/17
© John Chizoba Vincent

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time, sun, earth, sky, Family, change

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