Craftiness of a lonely heart
When a love one is gone to abyss
The heart searches of a companion in promises
Hope gone to the needless tranquilities beyond
Another mannered plague of guiltiness strives
Another formal want of cuddle dances by in pain
Home gone to the brevity of commonness
Love seen far in an empty dreams and forgone books
Liquor a sudden friend taken to the soul to kill
This is where we call life a betrayal of destiny
This is where we call white black just to be sane
When the eyes drive from the unseen to the seen
The empty barren of the mind fill all over the stake
We become stream, stream of tunnel, no pain felt
We feel no more of the bite of the inching world
We feel no more of the gladiator of the darkened earth
One self becomes a misery of an unpureed prey
A ghetto home, a ghetto image of lost lovers.
Bed of stone, house of symbols of like fate
Look through the blank pages of your searching eyes
You would remember nothing of when you were
Still in mother’s womb even after birth to earth
Blackness is the art of the soul to bring agony
Greenness is the comfort of the mind
Life is empty when praises elude you
Life is empty when your love ones are gone
Life is empty when tomorrow has no promise
Life is empty when emptiness rules
Life is empty without a dream to dream
Emptiness has no definition to the heart!

John Vincent Artistry
For: Film Republic Pictures

Written by john chizoba vincent on 07/12/17
© John Chizoba Vincent

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