A dreamers wish.

I wish I was a doctor with
Cures of every kind
Helping folk get better
And give them peace of mind.
I wish I was a pilot
Flying through the air
Finding destinations
And taking people there.
I wish I was a scientist
With all those remedies
Making this world a safer place
For all humanity.
I wish I was a movie star making movies
By the score
Heading off to hollywood to receive
Those film awards.
I wish I was a space man heading to the stars
Looking down upon the earth
On my way to mars.
I wish I was a poet a Laurette to be
But I am but a dreamer
So I'm just happy being me .

Written by Christopher Russon on 14/01/18

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earth, people, Peace, happy, Flying

Frank Byrne/ Hornby.... 21/01/18
Shirley Greenway 20/01/18


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