The Fog lifts

The fog has been lifted
The vibration shifted
Old thoughts and patterns
Words sent into subconscious
Making one a little unconscious
Recognize and realize
Walk on through the mist
Walk on towards the water
As the fog rises through
the air
The off kiltered state
Be aware of all that’s there
Within the Fen
The water runs smooth
It’s clear and clean
and wants to be seen
It has its way ...if you don’t dare
To lift up out ...into the air
Now can’t you see it’s there
Between you and I ...
Within the air
It’s merely is just a mist
A fog
Easy to walk through
Just look and you will
It’s not the solid form
Of a log
It’s transcendent and lucid
And merely a haze
When you look
On through with your

Kristen Davis

Written by Kristen Davis on 16/02/18
© Feb 2018 Kristen Davis

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words, thoughts, Mist

Christopher Russon 25/08/18
Janet Vignola 23/02/18


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