Burning Sun

I was crawling deep down the wood,
Flowers of love blossomed on head,
Red, yellow, blue, green leaves smile,
Waiting to greet the lovely dawn for a while
Looking at the bounty of burning sun
Warming in his strong arms for a soft embrace
Nestled in the comfort of elegance
Fearless in the blissful love fragrance.
Lust creeps into minds when nature fulfills,
Blue Lake in silence never flow towards hills,
Awakes in thirst when pure sweet honey pours,
Passionate devotion extends its hands for hugs.
Erased the salty sorrowful tears of yesterday
Roosted in these healing hugs together
Severed the shackles of mortality
Tethered in this celestial cosmos

Written by Williamsji Maveli on 14/04/18

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love, sun, nature, leaves, flowers

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