Lake in the Evening


When the evening approaches
I go and lay my face
in the mirror of the lake
I feel the rustling of the water
that hug me
here a thousand years ago

the wind is playing with the waves
and my reflection is digested

I am already a soul
nothing else
did death come to me
but the birds are near
and I come again in life
then launch whisper
green kids
a blessing of nature

girls suddenly appear
I do not know why they came
perhaps they have left a meeting
for love
with thirsty birds
for kissing the waters
or perhaps with the stars
that every night they go down
on the lake
to extinguish the fire
within themselves

what a miracle of love
this place
people, waters, stars,
birds, leaves, air
and the girls of Tirana
like nymphs
nowhere in the world
you will find the most beautiful girls

maybe for all of them
when the evening approaches
I go lay my face
to the waters of the lake
where my body digest
only the spirit remains.

Written by Kolec Traboini on 17/04/18
© traboini 2018

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nature, landscape

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