Nibbling the Chud

He was all tit and chubby hip,
Nibbling the chud. We can imagine
Everything made from it's opposite:
An adult from a child, a day from a night,
Frailty from strength and a fat little adolescent
From an adorable, healthy child.
Victory only comes from taking a beating,
Being beaten, being hurt;
Not just feeling hurt but being hurt
By something, someone
And loosing.
Romance is like butchering a carcass
On thin ice, lovers quarrel with words
like a good punch to the face. It's nice
Enough to run towards each other, to grasp
Hands and whatever else there is to grasp,
Though that errant behaviour is more
Exciting wearing clothes, imagination
Does the drawing, more lecherous,
More the other, more pickpocketing
The purse of a king. One woman can
Mother ten children and another can
Die in a road traffic accident; one man
Can fuck forever and another can kill
A woman in a road traffic accident...
The dreams don't change from big cocks,
Regulation size before quality control kicks in,
Fervour versus panic.
The most romantic couple I ever saw
Used to sit on the step outside
Their red-brick, shit-tip domicile, drink
And pull each others hair.
She was paid in teeth and children's wishes
While he limped on tit and a chubby hip,
nibbling the chud.
Sometimes he hangs himself, sometimes she;
People have it better nowadays
But, when it comes to this sort of thing,
It's still the same old story.

Written by Mr Woods on 18/04/18
© 2018 Anthony Woods

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Day, night, words, Dreams, people, change, children, mother, Romantic, hurt, Romance

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