All can be lost when nations collide
It can lead to the loss of this thing called faith
We take a chance on staying alive
But It all could end in this world of hate
When seeing people living on the street
arms reach out with empty plates
Struggling each day to make ends meat
Where the poverty trap decides there fate .
and Then we see the rich and the famous
They are Making it big and living a dream
even those dreams can often be aimless
For fame and fortune is not what it seams .
Our minds can turn on to empty thoughts
And dought it seems are the seeds we sow
Some will ignore what religion has tought
Saying tell us just how do we know now.?
Doughts creep in our minds once more
Making our dreams lose its flow
Now there's no goal too be aiming for.
For their is no place for us to go.

Written by Christopher Russon on 06/05/18

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Day, words, Dreams, dream, sad, thoughts

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