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New poets joining Poem Pigeon
Windows, by Sherri Coulter
Life, Dream
Holding on, by Ashley Jaimes
life, fear, change
Introversy, by Lawrence Cavince
Introvert, meditation, life lessons, wisdom
My Harley Davidson's Busted, by Bridget Sebastian
Street human London gangs chauvinist
Celebrate for Anais Nin, by Nancy Shiffrin
womanist, feminist, grief, creativity, Anais Nin
Latest poems to be added to Poem Pigeon
The Old Woman Who Lives In a Palace, by Chris Wild
A Young Woman On a Council Estate, by Chris Wild
Only love, by Gianfranco Aurilio
France Win 2018 UEFA World Cup, by Chris Wild
DJT Told PM To Sue EU, by Chris Wild
Top rated poems on Poem Pigeon
Fortitude in Fortune, by Khadeejah Awal
Night Life, by Jack Green
Day, Night, Life, Animals, Space, Stars, Work, Moon, Sleep, Dreams
To dilemma or not to dilemma, by Jackie Knowles
light, amusing, dilemmas
Distant Replay, by Steve Green
love, life, time, heart, dark, thoughts
"Snow" Poem by Professor Pezhman Mosleh, by Golden aŁŽutumn
Snow, Snow poem, Professor Pezhman Mosleh, Pezhman Mosleh