Spring Birth

Virgins Bower climbs stone archways tripping herself in the fall.
Job's Tears mingle with Yellow Adders Tongue, singing of Buttercups,
Love under a dimpled chin.

False Lily of the Valley leading to Cat Tails whispering to Rose Mallow quiet in the marsh
to not wake resting babes at the breast of Queen Anne's Lace floating with Innocence, in violet,

while Hepatica in lilac blushes.

Pasquel and Downy Phlox hang with twins in tumbledown- Dutchman's Breeches.
Heart Leaves Aster's diary catching secrets of bird and butterfly.

Black-eyed Susan rubs her eyes, happy to see Indian Paint Brush a scarlet cup,
with butter and eggs offering the fragrance to a bumblebee.

Fairies playmates, wildflowers standing tall to not forget or be forgotten in child's play.

Written by Sherri Coulter on 21/06/18
© Sherri Coulter

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flowers, fairies, children, love, garden, stone, rebirth, paint, butterfly, bird

Christopher Russon 25/08/18


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