Calling Cards

Calling cards for interpretation ain't no fun when the rabbit got the gun.
Meek not humble not the one to convince.

Orange is Black in the tree, fly away, stay away,
come again, another day. Small green toad, stuck
between glass, screen, wind on his back, don't look back,

Rabbit done died.
Buzzard on the road.

Red light, new.
Red light, old.
Tho they be extremely young.
Nobody can take that.
No body should.

Ain't no blue balls,
a girl got in, on
snatch that money bag snatch.
50 cents, cents, cents,
with a smile, smile, smile.

Red truck.
Stop at the T.

Hawk gliding
a meal
from the pond.

Seeing is believing
believe, do not look away,
nor, look back.

Bikes zip-lining a vine, a garden remnant of holy cost.

Redemption is a game.

Everythin' goin' be ahlrite, girl,
your body was meant for this.
u wait, u see.

twenny one hunner'd n sevenny 2, an some cents.

Deacon at the door, what u gon' do?
Yo man ain't got my money.
You the lapdog, what we gon' do?
Play who's mo' thirsty

after 4 loco started the chain grinding?
natural ice poured smooth. might not be nice
don' transfer that natural into un.
4 x 4 u gon' shut the door.
Tookie laughable.

I din' no babe
I din' know.
wanna spend time
with you
I am your God.
bow down babe,
spending time
with you.

Key corners cross streets
bubble wrap busy
grab a sister of the cross bag
he can be king, in his bed, Mr. DT.

suck it in
Blow it out
Scrum-it out
in the carpet.

Babe, it's turkey and cranberries,
cause tomorrow be chicken paws.

is that he can not see in sane.

I'm gon' be ahlrite, I all I got.


Lord Jesus, I apologize
I'm sorry, for being, like that.
And need and want to
make amends.

What step was that?
I dunno.
I never practiced,

Written by Sherri Coulter on 21/06/18
© Sherri Coulter

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