What would you have me change? We're all in hell
And chase the rain in two-step down asphalt
While singing half the words to a song we can't remember.
Forget-me-nots in a glass vase painted in red anchors
To remind us of a goal; move house to the sea
And never work another day unless we want to.
Salt breeze can make for a longer life while the
Cheapest whisky tastes better and the cigarettes
Don't make us hack up our lung-matter.
There are dreams we lean into and ours prop us up
On crutches of cast iron, taking all our strength
To step one step; but our legs are not wounded,
Our backs are straight and strong, made of practice
In combat and reinforced with plates and screws
From historic wounds, lessons we repeated till bloody.
You wanted me to quit the piano and stop my heart,
Ripped the crutches out from under me and left
Me standing on real earth, the smell of sweet, damp
Grass and dinosaurs. You terrified me like cancer;
An answer to baited breath and polite greetings
Layered over subtext with uncertainty and red phlegm
Wrapped in a tissue and hidden in a pocket
Where it is so well hidden that even I cannot find it...
Maybe hide it so craftily that fate itself will err in it's
You feed me custard creams and disappointment
As I sit on the top deck of a night-bus drinking lager
And cursing the misfortune that left me in this bedroom,
Drunken souls amidst the rigging on a ghost-ship
Taking turns to swig a single can
And scream through mist
Into the sea.
What change? In what other world could we
Face down beasts and monsters from our mount
Above the sea,
But, with breath held deep together, inside these dreams.

Written by Mr Woods on 25/06/18
© 2018 Anthony Woods

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