Who's to blame?

“There’s snow
on the mountains and on the plains.
There must be a mistake.
Snow doesn’t fall in spring!”
Spring said to the Winter
and angrily
asked the snow
why it was falling.
“Don’t ask me”
the snow answered,
“the cold wind made me fall.”
asked the cold wind
who replied:
“Don’t ask me.
The weather asked me to blow.”
But called to action,
the weather told her:
“You shouldn’t ask me.
Man made me change.”
When Spring
asked Man
why he’d made the weather change,
Man replied
that it wasn’t his fault
and that he’d changed too,
because of Money.
then asked Money
why he’d changed Man
but Money,
even though he was looking at her,
didn’t reply.
asked the same question
over and over
but Money
refused to reply
until the weather
told Spring
that there was no point asking
because Money
can’t hear anyhow.

Written by Gianfranco Aurilio on 25/06/18
© 2017 Gianfranco Aurilio

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