Here to Horizon

My face to the morning mist,
again I misplace what I could see,
my little sailboat of dreams,
out there so close it had seemed,
but now somewhere adrift.

No matter how distant,
I shall stand here ashore to find it.
I shall face all that I have missed,
all that surely must exist
as sure as me, here.

I shall, as sure as time worth taking
and dreams worth making to set sail
this and everyday awaking,
no matter how much I may fail,
no matter how much forsaking,

I shall forever look out to sea
as if I owe it to myself to dream.

Published by FIVE:2:ONE, 2018

Written by Joe Bisicchia on 11/07/18
© 2018 Joe Bisicchia

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time, Dreams, dream, morning, Mist

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