The garden of peace.

Come join us in the garden
Your army days are done
Sit down and take it easy
Enjoy soak up the the sun.

Now you need no longer worry
You will never be going back
Relax no need to hurry
Just forget about the past.

You say it's hard to carry on
leaving the horrors of war behind
You often have those nightmares
From behind the enemy line.

So now look toward the future
The posserbilitys they are vast
There is that new horizon
Even though it's hard to grasp.

Come join us in the garden
Leave those fearful days behind
Look at all these lovely flowers
Representing future times .

Look at this gardens beaughty
The war it had to end
Who knows what lies ahead of you
Your enemy could become your friend.

Written by Christopher Russon on 19/08/18

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sun, memories, war, Past

Kolec Traboini 13/09/18
Shirley Greenway 25/08/18


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