A Thanks To Circumstance

I want to thank whatever looms above
For my seeming unconquerable soul;
Its creation, testing and absolution
Stand as a testament to its journey
And the shale it got dragged through.
I want to thank its blindness and error
In creating something so unique
And capable of such great feats
At such cost to itself...
A cyclone of powerful energy
And confusion aiming to leave
Its mark where'er it landed.
I want to thank it for the dark parts
That make the depths seem deeper;
And for the lighter parts that care.
I want to thank it for the chance
To experience, regardless of
The experience itself; born
Of a new belief that once all
Is done and gone and past,
There was no good, no bad;
Just perception, event,
Object, subject,
Action, reaction,
Attract and reject.
The symbol will always exist
In place of the thing itself
And these words are no exception,
A hollow representation
Of a thing that was....
And once we're past that's what we'll be,
Signs and symbols scratched onto a tree.

Written by Mr Woods on 23/08/18
© 2018 Anthony Woods

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