Behind the sugar coating.

Not all was what it seemed
Those dreams were never real
The night lights shone
Then faded like the moon.

City streets were crowded
People busy with there lives
All seemed normal to the eye
Who could see behond the scene.

1938 crowded parks and beaches full
Ice cream stands and punch and Judy men
Normality was all that children knew
Family's made plans unaware what lay ahead.

Summer days flowers displayed there colours
Work for dad . and children going to school
Christmas arrived and snow covererd the ground
Another festive time was there with celebrations.

The summer time of 39 stormy days ahead
Young boys 18 plus answered to the country's call
Not realising adventure was never there at all
They lied about there search of that adventure.

So six long years they fought and died
The survivers came home with open eyes
Seeing the world for what it was there youth denied
The storm now over they now faced the calm.

Time to move on now the war days had gone
They found work and learned a trade
Those night lights shon once more
And the city streets filled with happy souls again.

1945 the years move on the past has gone
It was time to rebuild a future of hope
And to find the will to carry on
Back to the beaches sand and ice cream man .

Written by Christopher Russon on 12/09/18

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Sherri Coulter 12/11/18


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