Reflections in the water

Reflections in the water
So beautiful I see
The sun inside the ripples
Put there before me
Shining brightly
In the clouds
To let me know I am allowed
From out the door you
Show me more
A glimpse into another dimension
Hologram person
In the mist
Not speaking you resist?
So why do you persist?
Sun in the water
Stars in the night
From whence you came
Is quite the same
Into the same from what I stare
Yet I am here and you are there
Yet both are everywhere

Kristen Davis

Written by Kristen Davis on 20/09/18
© September 19 2018 Kristen Denise Davis aka(Kristen Degenaars Davis)

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night, sun, Mist

Christopher Russon 10/10/18


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