I’m a dreamer
A wonderer
A vagabond
A simple girl
Who likes to dance
and twirl
It hasn’t gotten me quite
so far
I love a smile across a face
A conversation philosophical in nature
Eyes that sparkle
An energy swirl
Not ever being greatly
by the standards of others
Appreciating the value of the moments spent
A touch on my shoulder
a look in an eye
The pleasure of company
Enjoyable and light
Watching and catching
moments that are a reflection
of my desires
And dreams of what matter.
It really does not get me far
Love the laughter and
To not cry
But with all the extra pieces of
I’d maybe have to live a lie.
Of hopes and dreams of betterment
For all the things
I’d have to share
For you I’d have all this
To bare
Without a piece of me to spare
A dreamer
a wonderer
A vagabond

Written by Kristen Davis on 22/09/18
© 9/21/2018 Kristen Davis

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love, Light, nature, Dreams, Dance

Christopher Russon 10/10/18


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