Twin Tree

Do you know, have you ever heard of my twin trees
Blowing wild giving comfort, ever for me.
No where, down the lane, have I seen such a sight
Forever signing a song of comfort, delighting me.
None of us, like to see your branches broken,
Course we love you, as you serve us day and night.
When rain comes, you look bright, like a queen
When forever sun shines, you look pale, we deemed.
How did you get that bright design of yellow and green?
Then you garland yourself in April with bright orange beam.
Telling us that New Year is coming on its way,
Reminding us to get ready for fun feel day.
Every morning I hear the song of ‘tweedi’, ‘tweedi’
Peeping through window, I see two sweet little birdies
Red, green and white how charming they are,
Singing a song of own, especially for you and for me.

Written by Janaki Bamunusinghe on 04/10/18
© Janaki Bamunusinghe

Author's Comments

The Origin of the Poetic Episode Two Erabadu plants grew well attracting Love Birds and also flowering in the month of April. When I purchased this plant I was not aware that it is Erabadu and when it started flowing and birds started to gather around, I was contented about planting it. 2001

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