Four Seasons

The crisp orange,
The crunchy leaves,
Darker evenings drawing in,
Scent of nature dead,
And pumpkin due for carving,
Maybe a cosy nest made
by the lonely farthing.

Dark depression,
Pale, moody skies.
She's like antarctic glaciers
penetrating the skin,
Her other half Jack Frost
surveys the scene;
A cold breath like mean sin.
Hedges, buildings, cars,
railway lines sugar coated white,
leave a glow in the still night.

Optimism awakes.
Love's restoration.
April showers you
can run through for hours,
and hours.
Reborn are the garden flowers,
first glimpse of bees buzzing by,
We sing
" Winter die, die, Winter die, die"
to the happiest blue sky,
Seeing nature reborn, inside you get so high

Smiles wide,
In your huge hummer
you can ride.
Take your family to the seaside,
Watch seagulls fly high
then deep low,
feel the heat mixed with a
breezy blow,
Sunshine, sunshine everywhere you go.
Not the time of season for any snow.

Written by Ryan Smith on 09/10/18

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love, time, night, sky, dark, nature, autumn, winter, Summer, Family, Spring, leaves, depression, flowers

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