Bury it

I gotta be completely honest, I have some things that I need to get off of my chest and honestly there are some things that are bothering me that I need to put to rest.
I do not understand why people will allow past hurt, lies, pain their transgressions and their insecurities to continue to linger.
Why not bury it why not let all of that pain, grief, heartache and past hurt go so, that they can allow themselves to further grow because there are a lot of things that are better off being left in the past so, that as a result they can finally know and experience what it feels like to be free at last. Allowing these things to continue to build up, grow bigger and bigger and the fact that there are a lot of us myself included at times can refuse to let things die because to be honest I am tired of bottling up this hurt, I am tired of watching these self-inflicted tears constantly fall and as much as I and many others try to play it off I can honestly admit that this time I can no longer stand tall.
But, this points to a bigger problem in society is the fact that we are still in love with, struggle with and we are still blinded by and are engulfed by our pride and I lie awake mind full of thoughts, anxiety overwhelming me, worry clouding my joy and I am trying my hardest to not present myself as destroyed inside while all the while I am also trying to prevent these tears from falling from my eyes but, I don't think that I can hold them back any longer.
My question to you is why are you still stalling? why are you still in denial? and before I bury this for good I just want to let you know that I am not the only one who wants to help you be made anew and help you regain your genuine smile but it would help if you looked in the mirror and realized that you are the problem every once and a while.

Written by Charles Hill Jr. on 13/10/18
© Charles Hill 2018

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