At the end of this road lies a haven of peace
A place to rest . A sanctuary
Wishing one day this war will cease
A hope a dream a possibility.

No more sound of bombs and guns
And that dreadful feeling of fear
The saddened times will be over and done
As the end of this nightmare draws near.

The future is looking hopeful
A new horizon it lies ahead
But somehow things look doubtful
With all the blood that's been shed..

There are tents food and clothing
Waiting at the end of the line
But it is the fear of the unknowing
That is distertberbing to the mind.

It is the same the whole world over
When a calamity it does strike
Nations get stronger and bolder
So people can sleep at night.

Now listen to what they are saying
To the plight of the refugee
Keep on and carry on praying
And one day you will be free.

Written by Christopher Russon on 25/10/18

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