Shampoo Boy

Shampoo Boy

Close the door on that day is done.
The days are done you never woke in.

Days they were just bad dreams,
full with stabbing motions, cars crashing;

a sea wave carried you off.


Now you're alone, home.
Night has fallen heavy-sweet on a lonely one.
You turned the key and drove away,

from sound to silence,
from married to single,
from sickness to health,
in the shade of your solitude,
from other to self.

You turned the key and drove off,
burying the lost along the way.


It was an accident,
a fit of mediocre madness,
easy hell, oh well...
...a hundred knives...
...a thousand cars...
...relentless waves of nothing,
nested in furles of fear.

Back to your senses now,
dormant volcanoes and ghost towns,
and endless black out on the Earth.

A broken wing bird;
the local Shampoo Boy.

Written by Brian Lang on 25/10/18

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Day, night, Earth, lost, Dreams, home, fear, alone

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