Waters Edge

I sat in stillness on the rock
Closed my eyes as I was touched by the sun
Wind blowing across my face
Eyes opening slowly

The pattern of the glistening water
Flowing nearer to me
Speaking to me

I knew to shut my eyes
as I felt the pulsation threw
my hands
Coming to meet me
My curiosity seeking as I
opened my eyes

There it was,at the waters edge
Glistening bright as it met me at my feet.
Yet not surprised

Love has no defeat
A silent language
That’s felt and seen
But never to be heard

I knew today you’d come to me
And give me what I seek

Sparkling magical formation
Meeting me with a kiss
For this you’ve shared with
me is
certainly bliss

Written by Kristen Davis on 30/10/18
© Kristen Davis 10/2018

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reiki, nature, intuition, connection

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