Children of the fifftys

The blue skys rise grey clouds fade
All hopes of that new day.
Is here. it has arrived .
A brand new start war days gone
Houses to rebuild along with lives.
Smiles and laughter it's happy days
All looks good the future now bright
Children back to school with lessons of life
Fathers have retreated have lost the will to fight
Now they learn a trade or work in industry.
A future ahead they have it made
At last the fields are now a place of joy
No longer filled with a world insane
Poppy's reminders of the war that came.
The fifty's are now here all looks well
Those horrors of the past now erased
But still the fear it has left its mark.
Time to let go of the past and move on
Leave it to the book of history.
Now we are the children of the fifty's
We are not standing in the dark
Let us keep this light burning
For the future is looking bright.
With beaches ice cream stands
Parks with swings slides and rounderbouts
Childhood of the fifty's.a special time indeed.
Marbles skipping ropes hopscotch kiss chase
Movies like lassie come home William tell
Robin hood.sir Lancelot Audie Murphy
Laurance Harvey Dan Mathews high way patroll
Friday night tavernport beer at home
Dads end of the week delight .the future looking bright
For the child of the fifftys with a story to be told
With liquorish sticks plim sole pumps
The smell of school dinners carrots cabage
And parsley and swede the food they said we need.
Rounders hopscotch conkers on the string
Dogs running in the streets without leads
Barking like mad but nobody cared
Burning wood fresh cut grass.
Roler scates toffy apple men with wheel barrows
Milk men breadmen with horse and cart
The epilogue were the paster gives his speech
At that the end of night before we go to sleep.
Sunday school walks in the park
Safe and sound we could play in the dark
Children of the fifftys from the days of way back when
And I surely can remember for I was a child then.

Written by Christopher Russon on 07/11/18

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