Broken Glass

Broken glass

Why must I be a broken
piece of glass
Shattered and altered
Somehow without falter

My pedals close
and then they open
Yet know
Know one

Light as a feather
and it shows
and grows

Tight as a knot
and it seems to

Why must I be a piece of
Broken glass
Shattered and broken
With words not spoken

Left in the night
To remain in the fight
Peddles come open
and we are back in flight

Stumble and fall
and yet
not at all small
We tighten the reign with
all our might
For the things we believe
are not out of sight

Why must I be a broken piece of glass
There’s nothing wrong
with the yard or grass

Reach past the edge
Step off the ledge
Step over the glass
and look in the mirror
It’s merely just a hedge

Kristen Davis

Written by Kristen Davis on 04/12/18
© Kristen Davis December 2018

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Light, night, words, fall, feather, Flight, Past

Janet Vignola 09/12/18


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