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The air is clear, the dirt is fine
Standing on the top of natures gold mine
The water trickles gentle through the pine
A place to find, a place that feels like mine

Discovering adventure, exploring through trees
You know you've reached your destination when you feel the winds breeze
The opening is before you, you walk out the bush
You dont believe your eyes the first time, so take a second look

The wildlife is calling
Fresh water is falling
Rainforests are moving
Blue skies are blooming

I feel myself give in to nature
Hand my self over to its surrender
Swallow me up as I take it all in
An escape from the world Im used to living in

A deep breath and a moment of silence
The ultimate mother spread vastly around us
No brick work in sight, no destruction to my delight
This is raw and alive
A sight thats never seemed so pure and for the first time I am sure, no words could be better than the nothingness from my mouth
The costless beauty gave me something to think about

Standing as small as a the grain of dirt beneath my feet
Upon a rock that is a hundred times of me
Looking down at the fall, looking up at the tall, looking at myself seemed miniscule.

As the water hugs my body and the sun dries my face
This is not a place that discriminates by colour or race
For all we are here are creatures of the earth in need of alter
Blowing in the wind and moving forward like water

I thanked the mother for having me here today
And with a smile of my face, I walked away.

Written by Lucy Olivia on 06/12/18

Author's Comments

Dedicated to one day in particular, exploring with friends in the tropics of Queensland, Australia.

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