Harry the roofer.

Harry the roofer
Is roofing no more
He lost his balance
And nearly fell to the floor.
The ladder seemed
To grow higher and higher
A voice in his head
Said its time to retire.
Fifty years he worked on heights
On victorian houses
And building sights.
But now at the age of sixty five
He's done all he can
But he has still survived ,"
Harry the roofer will find it hard
With all that time on his hands
Away from folks back at the yard ,"
Now he says goodbye to all his friends
The ones he new for many years
But friends are friends they never end ,"
Harry the roofer will reap what he's sown
The house is now paid for
And his children have grown.
Yes Harry known as a hard working man
But now takes it easy and relaxes at home
Still does little bits when he can."

Written by Christopher Russon on 21/12/18

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