Mommy will I be like you

A child cries in the cold dark night
A mother takes away her own pain
Inflicting it on her child
A child is gone, a mother is scorn
Will these acts repeat upon the next unborn

A newcomer to the family, will not stay
For the pain inside mother,
will make the baby’s first breath it’s last
To the next child it’ll be a thing of the past

The last of three will remember the love
of her brother and sister never met
Wether verbal or physical abuse, she’ll
Fight mother every step of the way
The trouble she’ll endure will cause
much pain. Passed down from mother
her children will pay.

Through generation to generation
the abuse will repeat
But until one child grows strong enough
the rest of the generation, peace will meet

Written by Kristen Davis on 25/12/18
© Kristen Degenaars 1984

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love, night, pain, dark, Family, Peace, children, mother, Past

Christopher Russon 28/12/18


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