Go and see your Doctor.

I had to see my doctor
For I was feeling rather down
He took one look and said to me
You need to go out on the town.

He asked if I am a drinker
And did I drink a lot of wine
I said whisky is my tipple
My preference every time.

He asked if I drank it often
I replied every single night
He laughed and said don't worry
That's perfectly alright.

He asked what is my favourite blend
I said the scottish Highland malt
That's what I was recommended
So the drinkings not my fault.

He asked if I eat greasy food
Now that's something I can't deny
He recommended frozen chips
They take less time to fry.

I asked doctor what's the verdict
Is there anything you can do
He replied go out and have a good time
We are humans our years are few.

So im glad that I saw my Doctor
Now I am happy and I'm pleased
So go and see your doctor
He will put your mind at ease.

Written by Christopher Russon on 08/01/19

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