The last Battle.

On this Bloody Battle field
The army's are looking weak
Tired and worn tattered and torn
They can hardly stand on there feet.

Fighting now for four long years
They feel they have had anough
They have heard the war is ending
Even so the going is tough.

But they can see upon the horizon
There is a future that is looking sound
But thats no consulation
For those lying beneath the ground.

Then all of a sudden there is a halt
And the tanks they just disappear
There is a noise of the trumpet sound
And the end of this war is here.

Now looking back at those bad old days
Where soldiers lost there lives
Now many men are in a mentle daze
Whilst others can hardly survive.

But now we are living in peaceful times
Well that's how it seems to appear
But we all have our tribulations
With anxietys And hidden fears.

Now here there is a lesson
And it comes in the form of a Dove
With wars and times of hardship
The winner will one day be love.

Written by Christopher Russon on 10/01/19

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