The eighth of may day.

It was on the eighth of May Day
The war came to its end
People they gathered all around
Celebrating with Neighbours and friends.

The streets were full of soldiers
And there were rows of tables and chairs
Those bottles of wine kept flowing
There were people from everywhere.

It was a time for celebration
For peacetime had come at last
The army's all came back on land
Leaving that dreadful time in the past.

They raised a glass for the future
And they all prayed for better days
Knowing life is the crueliest teacher
In the most treacherous and evil ways

But V-D day was many years ago
And those memories still remain
But the sad thing about this story
There's a fear it could start again.

Now we look at the world around us
We are living in a different time
Now there's another kind of danger
And it comes in the form of crime.

We see old folk mugged and battered
And young people are taking pills
It is important for all this matters
For depression is a condition that kills.

So let us all take notice
This world we can improve
We need to take heed and focus
Now that's something we all must do.

Written by Christopher Russon on 01/02/19

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