After the fame .

Round and on this money go round
Your hopes they kept on turning
Your well ran dry no wealth was found
It's the music game you are learning.

Not all that glitter is made of gold
And its not so green on the other side
You followed your dream giving your soul
Then your ocean of fame then passed you by..

All was lost through rose colourd glasses
You looked at your world through a crystall ball
You thought your fame would reach the massis
Only to find they wern't there at all.

Now singing your songs Just to get by
You tried to aim for the stars
You used to play in concert halls
These days its clubs and in bars.

The music worlds not what it seems
It is the nature of the game
Now your looking back on Broken dreams
Never reaching that hall of fame..

So when you make it too the top
Then there is only one way you can go
And when the time your music stops
Your another face in the crowds below .

Written by Christopher Russon on 06/02/19

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life, lost, dream

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