This world is their world too.

Together on this earth we live
The animals and human kind
Its mostly take and rarely give
With mankind's selfish mind.
Take a look at the animal kingdom
A very large world indeed
But theres really no compassion
When there's so much human greed.
Tigers are in danger.we see it on the news
The elephants soon to be extinct
A battle they can only lose.
But we are mighty humans
In this world of more wants more
But many folk are fuming
We all should be appalled
Just look at all the nations
We are mighty and we are strong
We judge with no hesitation
Then we get the whole thing wrong.
Now there is no logical reason
For the strange things that we do
The animals need there freedom
For this world is their world too .

Written by Christopher Russon on 23/02/19

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life, Earth, Freedom, rhyme

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