Walk in the Night

I have shared some space and time with night.
I have walked for hours, fully cowled, rain beating
Upon my hood as it beats on heads and roofs alike.
I have shared some space and time with night.
I have outwalked the very paths on which I walk,
Beyond such lines as city lights: straight on,
I walk into the night.
The very purpose the thing itself, itself and thought,
Itself and thought alone; that's why I walk far from
Such light as light that spoils this onliest night.
To spend some time with the rising dawn
Nose heartened by the petrichor
A thought in thoughts of awe.
I just shared some space and time with night,
We stood there together beneath a starless sky
And took deep breaths,
Unsure of the dynamic between my breathing it
And it breathing me...
Content to simply ponder,
Simply ponder, breathe and be.

Written by Mr Woods on 26/03/19
© 2019 Anthony Woods

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time, Light, night, sky, alone, thoughts, rain, city

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