Waters meet.

Caught in the wave of confusion
Tossed and turned and disillusioned
Pessirmism criticism
Making choices and wrong decisions.
Storms rising whirlwind winding
Lost in the clouds no place for hiding
Playing this game of tug of war
No one in agreement anymore.
What is needed is a meeting of minds
It is a must with these changing times
But change will never come to be
With this strange old world caled reality.
For now we all can have a vision
Before we face the final collision
So never throw your hopes away
The colloidal course can stay at bay.
No need to fight against the tide
And get lost upon the ocean wide
Just jump upon that passing fleet
And let it take you were those waters meet.

Written by Christopher Russon on 29/03/19

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Earth, lost, Wind, war, rhyme

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