Lady Bug followed calling. Was as if she was searching beyond life’s inadequacy, beyond life’s deficiency, for heaven’s sufficiency, if indeed there could be such a place. Saw comfort in a holy, quiet cave. Looked down long dark aisle. Couldn’t see a thing, but felt it. Sanctuary.

Kind voice seemed to say, “Trust me.” And Lady Bug did. Voice then enveloped her being, shooting her onward.

“Heaven?” the hopeful bug asked.

“Not yet,” she heard. “Serve first. There is thirst.”

Out into sky, Lady Bug glistened in sun, the powerful stream airing her forth upon trampoline leaf. She giggled with relief. Garden flowers were bouncing and soon laughing Halleluiah.

There was no longer a drought, for Lady Bug’s hose had watered the world.

Published by Other People's Flowers, 2019

Written by Joe Bisicchia on 31/03/19
© 2019 Joe Bisicchia

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life, sun, sky, dark, people, flowers

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