Sadness rolls down my cheek

As sadness rolls down my cheeks
through the watery leeks
my emptiness peeks
beyond the blue tainted eyes
drowned in bitter compromise
from people who dont undeerstand
who use and abuse
for tears take away the toxic chemical flood plain
as they wax and wane
true beauty overtly raw, natural. Pure.
Sadness isnt badness nor madness
just a simple tactic
to rid the body of chemicals
to release free radicals
I hesitate to stop the sadness from taking over drowning in my sorrows
For society doesnt cater for my true nature
For a society numb in bitterness and pain
Stuck in denial and blame
Tears stuck in my eyes, uncertain where to flee, emotions that wont let them tears be free, wanting to cry but not truly understanding why, feeling the pressure of the world crush your body, i just want my tears to be free, Let my emotions be, like the velocity of the sea, as they come and go, feel them and know, like people that come in and out of your life, tears to and throw, its okay to feel low, please live, let your tears ebb and flow.

Written by Caitlin James on 02/04/19
© Caitlin E James 2019

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Christopher Russon 04/05/19


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