Broken pieces

Broken pieces

The key is there to set me free
Ready to unlock
and let me be
Linguistic vibrations
Internally speaking
Coiling up within me
sitting at my seat
Apprehension of trust
Not wanting lust
For the sensation
without the thrust
moves on up through the rust
like ashes to dust
I seek what I know
is true
Yet hold back on going through
A virgin to exectential flight
Yet it’s my plight
I’ve hovered before when I thought it was right
and with a blink of eye
I lost sight
I want to ride on up into
the tethers united as one
and touch the sun
Entwined the vines spreading up
Into the sky
to set sail and fly
Old fears of lost faith and trust
without it we could energetically combust
without lust and thrust
in a magic world of trust
a sensation so devine
It can not be surpassed
In a world of hopes and dreams
It’s one that will last
As you let go of the past
and stop moving forward so fast

Written by Kristen Davis on 02/04/19
© 4/2 2019 Kristen Degenaars Davis

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sun, sky, lost, Dreams, Flight, Past

Christopher Russon 13/05/19
Janet Vignola 05/04/19


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